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Our Services


As one of the foremost historical lighting consultants in the country, we assist our clients in design development, written specifications, and budget determinations.

Drafting Scrolls 4.jpg

Archival shop drawings at our office in St. Louis, MO.


Kansas City Restoration Pic 1.jpg

We revitalize historic fixtures of all different sizes and functions, from small residential wall sconces to soaring rotunda chandeliers in state capitols.

All fixtures are restored, refinished, and rewired according to Underwriters Laboratory specifications. 

Restoration of the Grand Hall chandeliers at Kansas City Union Station.


Accurate replication of historical lighting must be based on research. We use documents and drawings from our customers, and when needed, we access our own considerable archives of historical lighting catalogues, drawings, old lighting blueprint schedules, and antique fixture and glass collections.

We authenticate aesthetic details, mechanics, construction methods, metallurgy, and finish. This research is required for both metalwork and glass.

One of many historical reference photos used to replicate office chandeliers at the Illinois State Capitol.

Old Photo 2.jpg

Completed replica chandelier waiting for shipment on SLALCO's factory assembly floor.


There's nothing historical about the technologies used to create our antique lighting: high-tech lamping allows for lower energy consumption; 3D scanning and 3D printing allow for more advanced replication. Other innovations include laser-cutting, laser printing, and Auto CAD in 3D drafting.


3D scans were taken in order to create exact replicas of the maiden statue fixtures at the Illinois State Capitol.


SLALCO has nearly fifty years of experience delivering successful projects all over the world. We work directly with on-site electricians and contractors to ensure assembly and installation. 

We help coordinate delivery, storage, and crating of fixtures, as well as on-site assembly.

We have equal experience working as a team with contractors to remove fixtures from historical sites, including disassembly, packaging and crating, and transport insurance. 

Installation 2.jpg

Installation of the exterior light standards at the University of Minnesota.

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