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Oklahoma State Capitol

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Designed by Solomon Andrew Layton in the neo-classical style, the Oklahoma State Capitol was completed in 1917. Guth Lighting of St. Louis, formerly known as St. Louis Brass Manufacturing Company, manufactured all of the original lighting. Exterior fixtures were all cast bronze, while many of the interior fixtures were cast in plaster and metal plated to resemble bronze due to budget constraints from World War I.

SLALCO was first chosen to restore and replicate fixtures for the exterior of the Capitol in 2016. As that project was nearing completion, SLALCO was consulted for the design and budget of the interior lighting and later awarded the project. 

Work is scheduled for completion in 2021. 

Exterior Architect: ADG; Peter Breninger, A.I.A.
Historic Lighting Consultants: Gary Behm, I.E.S.; Ann Marie Behm, M.B.A.
Interior Architects: F.S.B., Treanor

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