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New Jersey State House

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Designed by Jonathan Doan in 1794, the earliest version of New Jersey's State House was quite simple and pragmatic. It served until the legislature grew too large, and in 1845, famous architect John Notman began the task of expanding and improving the building. Unfortunately a devastating fire destroyed much of the building in 1885, and yet another, even larger version of the State House was designed by Lewis Broome in 1889. 

The architect, James Moylan, was selected to add and extend several wings in 1891, and in 1903 the Senate wing was reconstructed under the direction of architect Arnold Moses. After so many renovations and expansions, the Jersey State House eventually evolved into the grand structure we see today. 

Renovations began in 1987, which addressed many of the structural, mechanical and electrical deficiencies in the State House. In 2019, SLALCO was awarded the contract to restore and/or replicate all of the interior fixtures, which total over 1000 individual lights.

Lighting Design: Gary Steffy Lighting Design

Architect: PDP

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