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Missouri State Capitol

Missouri Capitol Chandelier 300DPI.jpg

Designed by Tracy and Swarthout in the "Classical Revival Style," the Missouri State Capitol was completed in 1917.

All of the lighting, both interior and exterior, was originally designed and supplied by Guth Lighting Company of St. Louis, MO.

SLALCO has been restoring and replicating the original Guth fixtures, as well as designing new period-appropriate fixtures for the Capitol, since the late 1980’s.

There have been several restoration projects there, including the House and Senate Chambers, the corridors, the Governor's Office, and most recently in 2020, the exterior lighting.

Most notable is the monumental rotunda chandelier (pictured center above), which is the largest Capitol rotunda chandelier in the U.S.


Historic Lighting Consultants: Gary Behm, I.E.S.; Ann Marie Behm, M.B.A.


BELOW: final installation of the rotunda chandelier.

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