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Iowa State Capitol

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Designed by Alfred H. Piquenard, the Iowa State Capitol began construction in the early 1870′s, and after significant design modifications by M.E. Bell, it was completed in 1887.

Mitchell, Vance and Company, the foremost supplier of lighting for state capitol buildings during this period, supplied all of the fixtures. The original fixtures were gas and later modified for electric around 1902. The large, crystal chandeliers in the House of Chambers, once identical to the existing Senate Chamber gasoliers, had to be replaced after a fire destroyed the originals in 1904.

SLALCO began the restoration and replication of the lighting fixtures in 1996 with ongoing work done in phases until completion in 2006. Replicas were made primarily from a fortunate collection of historic interior photos, including some very good images from the book Iowa Stereographs.

Historical Lighting Consultant: Gary Behm, I.E.S.

Architect: RDG Planning and Design

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