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Des Moines City Hall

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Built in 1909 by the the Des Moines architectural firm Proudfoot & Bird, Des Moines city hall was designed in the Beaux Arts style with the intention to evoke a sense of transparency within a then corrupt government. The floorplan is spacious and open and originally housed all of the city's departments under one roof.  It was individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and underwent renovations in 2016.


SLALCO replicated and redesigned most of the interior fixtures including the main staircase standards, several styles of chandeliers for the main hall and lesser hallways, and many wall sconces throughout the building. Much of the lighting features oakleaves and acorns. Although the exact intention for this symbolism is lost to the original lighting designers, the oak tree is an undeniable representation of endurance, strength, and regional resource.

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