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Davenport Federal Courthouse

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Completed in 1933, the Davenport Federal Court and Post Office was designed by Seth J. Temple in the Art Deco style. The original drawings of the main floor and courtroom chandeliers indicate that he also designed the lighting fixtures himself. The chandeliers were originally manufactured by the Bailey-Reynolds Chandelier Manufacturing Company of Kansas City.

The GSA solicited bids to pre-qualify manufacturers for the replication of these two historic fixture designs separately from the rest of the work on the project. Installation of the fixtures was included.

This was the first project in which SLALCO drew the fixtures in a 3D format, allowing for submittals review in both 2D and 3D. The original fixtures used several incandescent lamps and the replicated fixtures made use of newer lighting technologies, which greatly reducing energy cost, heat production, and maintenance while increasing light output.

The deeply carved glass panels set in cast bronze art deco frames add an impressive yet functional decorative element to the main floor and period courtroom.

Historic Lighting Consultant: Gary H. Behm, I.E.S.

GSA Architect: Denise Ryerkerk A.I.A.

Historical Architect: Seth J. Temple

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